Q. How can I tell if an item I want is in stock?

A. With the exception of limited editions, our prints are not kept in stock, but are created on demand.

Q. What does the term 'print on demand' mean?

A. When you place your order for one of our illustrations, the image is then produced especially for you. Printing “on demand” means that each piece is inpidually created, giving you the best reproduction quality available.

Q. How are these prints created?

A. Each custom-made print we produce on demand is printed using the giclée process. It is unmatched in its precise coloring and razor-sharp detailing, and has become the benchmark for fine art reproduction.

The image is first captured and archived digitally. Each time it is reproduced, the image is digitally manipulated on the screen by studio artists for color correction and detail clarity to ensure an exact replica of the original image. From there, each piece is printed, one at a time, on a drum printer. As the drum spins, precise computer calculations control four ink nozzles that spray 4 million droplets of non-toxic, water-based ink per second to create a smooth, continuous-tone print. The finished piece has a 1,800-DPI resolution, similar to airbrushing, but much finer, with incredible detail and color vibrancy.

The Hahnemuehle museum grade papers we use are 100 per cent cotton based. The paper’s weight is between 290 and 310 grams per square meter reducing rolling and curling, and its UV-resistant pigmented inks can withstand fading and discoloration. For over 100 years.

Our prints are dried at least 24 hours prior to framing behind UV-resistant Plexiglas in a temperature-controlled room set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it is matted and framed, your exhibition-quality print will last more than a lifetime.

Q. Are the original images available in cropped or enlarged formats?

A. In some cases, yes. Please contact info@deanrhysmorgan.com to see if it is possible to place a special order. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q. Does my print come with any identifying information?

A. Yes. Every print comes with a provenance label on the back of the print or frame. It details the subject, the artist and the date created. This will help your print retain its value, as it will always be identifiable as a work of fine art from Dean Rhys Morgan. An extra label is also included for your records.

Q. Will my print arrive ready to hang?

A. Yes. Your framed print comes with hanging wire mounted to the molding and all the accessories you need to hang your print right out of the box.

Q. How can I take care of my print?

A. A few simple practices can keep your print looking stunning for many years to come. Keep your framed print dust-free by wiping it clean occasionally with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use ammonia-based glass cleaner or a furniture polish such as Pledge to clean it. This will cause the glass to cloud. In addition, avoid hanging your print in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as this will affect its integrity overtime.

Q. Do you offer special services forcorporate clients?

A. Yes! We can offer you a great deal onprints that will add extra style to your hotel, restaurant, office, or retail environment. Please visit our corporate sales page for more information.

Q. I have a suggestion for your site. Can I tell someone?

A. Of course! We welcome your suggestions to improve our inventory or to make shopping here at Dean Rhys Morgan a better experience. E-mail us your thoughts.