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Artist Prints - Jane Bixby

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Born 1926

Jane Bixby is known for her beautifully drawn fashion illustrations. Her Long and successful career began with art training at the American Academy of Art, Chicago Ill, and Cooper Union, NYC. Some fashion illustration clients include Marshall Field & Co and Saks Fifth Ave. She has also done editorial illustration for Harpers Bazaar, covering the fashion collections in Italy and Paris.

Anyone with enough schooling can draw or paint an interior and give us a sense of what it looks like - where things are, furniture and fabric choices, colour, lighting, and so on. And that is enough for many. It takes a really fine artist, however, to go beyond that and give us the sense of being in the room, of being able to move about in the space, touch, react, get beyond the facts to the reasoning behind them.

A drawing or painting of an environment must do more for us than a colour photograph would-if the result is to transcend journalism. It must give us the experience of the thing. For us to penetrate into the picture a certain interesting and inventive distortion must take place.

A wall, for example, must not be literal: the artist must give us a sense of the wall, how it functions in and relates to its environment, not simply how it is, or looks.

Edward Albee

Jane Bixby
Jane Bixby
Jane Bixby
Jane Bixby